We are still manufacturing and shipping orders.  The Softopper retail storefront will be closed until further notice.  Customers interested in picking up, please email customer service at info@softopper.com to arrange shipping or curbside pickup.  Most orders ship within 2-3 business days of being received, unless there are backorders, special order parts/panels (Front Screens, for example).  FedEx estimates shipping based on this map. 


  • Just love my new black topper on my bright red truck! It was easy to install in no time at all. We have put over 15,000 kilometers on the topper (and truck) and has survived Hurricane Arthur with no incidents. Must be the quality of materials and craftsmanship to prevent rain from getting in and never coming apart driving down the road. I have had so many people asking where I got my topper from, I give them my best sales pitch every time; more versatile than any other topper out there. Thanks for such a great product.

    Darrin B

  • This is to express a high degree of satisfaction with your softopper which I installed in my 2007 Ford Ranger with no problems encountered with the instructions supplied. A superb quality and well-engineered design has impressed everyone that it gives my family and I great convenience to utilize the truck in so many ways. I highly recommend this product to pickup truck owners esp. for great utilization of space in a pickup truck. I have considered several options in the past but for convenience and ease of utilizing a pickup truck for hauling or delivering furnitures, appliances, etc. the softopper can be disconnected from the truck in few minutes and by one person which I consider a big plus.

    Perry Z
  • Hello Bob,

    I received my parts today. Thank you for resolving the situation. My softopper is on and complete. I appreciate your quick response and great service.

    Thank you,
    A Hopkins

  • To All at Softtopper,

    I wanted to thank you for providing a great product. I have had my cover for a couple of years and constantly have people come up to me and ask about it. It took me minutes to install and consider it one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

    I noticed that you don’t have a Nissan Titan in your photo gallery, so I thought I’d offer-up the attached photos as a possible addition to your website. I often go to the Gulf of Mexico (fishing, camping and relaxing) and love the cover to keep my equipment cool in the Florida sun. It even covers my driftwood collection that I gathered for a bonfire on the beach.

    Best Regards,

    Ken H
    Hixson, TN

  • Comments: I ordered a Jeep Softopper a few weeks ago from you guys. Just wanted to let you know I am very pleased with everything thus far. From the moment i opened the box, to install, and now that i have had it on has all been great. I have recommended this top to anyone I know that has a TJ and is looking for a top. Recently had a friend order one from you guys and he called me with a few questions while installing his. Also, shipping was extremely fast and everything was packaged well. You guys rock, I hope to see more softoppers on jeeps in the future. Maybe consider including a few decals in future orders, alot of Jeepers that I know of have not yet heard of you guys. Thanks again for a great product and wonderful experience!!!


  • Hey Softopper,

    Here's a pic of my 2004 F350 all geared up for a trip from Texas to Alaska last Summer. I'm probably harder on my truck than most of your customers and have had zero issues with your top. My three children (12,11 and 6) flip it open to access our camping and climbing gear on their own, and we offroad regularly. This thing gets drug through all different types of trees, covered in mud, sea salt, even blasted with sand in the 'dunes and has given me a year and a half of trouble free regular beatings. Thanks again and love it!

    Mark M

  • I recently purchased and installed your product on my 2013 Tacoma.  I used the truck to take supplies to my son's wedding at a venue in NC.  As you have probably heard, Hurricane Matthew went right over the top of that area on Saturday.  The bed of my truck was suprisingly dry when I went out to check it in the parking lot.  There was no cover or anything blocking the weather.  The soft top exceeded all my expectations in this hurricane.  Great product.

 Jerry F

  • Just a quick email to let you know that I received and installed my Softopper today.  It fits my 2007 Toyota Tacoma Pro perfectly.  Installation took about an hour and went without problem.  Love the utility and look of the top on my truck.  Thank you for a great product and customer service.
J. Cox
  • Just letting you know, the Softopper cap for our 2002 Dodge Dakota is a real trooper!  I'm not a spring chicken so I was amazed at how easy it is to retract, easy to put up and the easy maintenance.  We are the second owners of this truck and only now needing to replace the top after so many years of abuse.  The guys at Softopper were exceedingly friendly and helpful with exactly what we needed as a replacement canopy and fast service too!  Can't go wrong with Softopper, in our opinion!