We are still manufacturing and shipping orders.  The Softopper retail storefront will be closed until further notice.  Customers interested in picking up, please email customer service at info@softopper.com to arrange shipping or curbside pickup.  Most orders ship within 2-3 business days of being received, unless there are backorders, special order parts/panels (Front Screens, for example).  FedEx estimates shipping based on this map. 

About Us

Softopper was started in July of 2000 by brothers Larry and Bob Dwyer. We began as most new products do, with the initial spark of an idea. After many prototypes and design changes, a final product was ready for market.

We started out with one model to fit compact pick-ups. Over the years, as our marketing efforts slowly began to spread the word, we refined our products and expanded our facility. Our next model was for full-size, short bed pickups.  Now we offer 50 models in three different colors, which fit 99% of pickup trucks on the road, with more on the way.  We also design and manufacture soft tops for SUVs such as Chevy Blazers, 4Runners, Scouts, and Broncos.

Softopper was initially a part-time hobby, working out of a storage unit. Growing at a strong and steady rate, we now occupy a large manufacturing facility. All manufacturing and sewing is done under one roof in Boulder, Colorado. We ship Softoppers daily to every corner of the USA and Canada and are gaining a market overseas.

We love to get feedback ( good and bad ) as it helps us improve, so please send us your stories or comments with regard to Softoppers.