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Softopper — Toyota

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Softopper’s folding truck caps replace heavy, fiberglass or metal camper shells and provide cab-high protection that a flat tonneau cover cannot. It can quickly collapse forward out of the way or is easily removed all together to make room for larger loads.

Note: The White color option is being phased out.  If interested in white, please email us to confirm availability.

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    The Softopper is undoubtedly the most versatile truck topper on the market today. With a Softopper you can have the best of both worlds. You can protect your cargo from the elements but still have full use of your truck bed just moments later. One person can easily retract (open) or close the convertible truck cap in about a minute, so you can have a fulltime cap or a cap on fulltime standby. The entire unit weighs between 34 - 49 lbs ( depending on model), so it is easily handled by anyone.

    The Softopper is available for most truck models including Ford, Chevy, Nissan, Toyota, GMC, Dodge, Mazda, Isuzu and other pickup trucks.

    Videos: Click to See the Softopper in Action

    Softopper Retractable Truck Toppers are great for camping, sporting events, on the job and countless other uses. When you need the bed protected it's there and when you need the extra head room it's gone. It's fully collapsible, aluminum frame hugs your truck's bedrails, with purpose built clamps. ( No drilling into your truck bed is required ) The canopies form a weather-tight seal to keep the elements out. Plus.... they look great doing it.

    Available Colors are Black, Charcoal and Tan

    We have used the best materials available to build the Softopper . The materials used in the frame and fittings are also used in the Marine industry because of their ability to withstand harsh conditions, much worse than you should ever put your pickup through.

    The canopies are manufactured with a premium automotive convertible topping which consists of an exterior grade woven fabric with a UV stabilized PVC coating for water resistance. It has been proven against, wind, rain, snow, sunlight, fading, mildew and rot and will remain beautiful for years. It is also the chosen fabric used by many major OEM convertible manufacturers, as it is made to standup to mother nature in all 4 seasons. There are no better canopy materials on the market for this application. Our goal is to manufacture Softoppers that last for many years in the hopes that our customers will recommend one to their friends. It is important to us that you're happy and proud of your purchase.

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Product's Review
    • Softopper Review by Mike P, PA

      I just want to thank you for getting back to me so quickly and assisting me with the problem I had with my softopper. Even after a year and a half and not expecting much due to the fact it was past warranty, you sent me a replacement piece with only a couple of pictures to show you my problem. In this day and age of companies not standing behind their products and customer service seems to be a lost art, your company stepped right up and were quick with a return pone call and a replacement part all within a few hours of my first contact.

      Excellent job!

      I will highly recommend your company to anyone who asks or is looking for a soft top.

      Thanks for a great product and a great job!

    • Softopper Review by Greg, New Zealand

      Hi all at Softopper, I purchased my soft top from you on 6/29/2011 to be sent to New Zealand and thought I would give you an update. WHAT A FREAKIN AWESOME TOP DUDES. I love it. It would definitely be the best buy for my TJ so far without doubt. I have had it in all types of weather, covered in mud, covered in snow, in the rain for days, in the hot sun, and it’s just awesome, thanks for a great product and great service during purchase.

    • Softopper Review by Ken M, Twin Mountain, NH


      It has been just over a year since we purchased the 'Softopper' for our Dodge Ram 3500. What an amazing product! We have been so thrilled with the purchase. Thanks for your creative efforts. I just wanted to follow up and say thanks. I just had a guy ask me about the Topper the other day when I was in the grocery store.

      Great job!

    • Softopper Review by Johnny A


      I just want to take this time to let you know how much I appreciate the way you do business.
      If more companies in the USA operated the way your company operates we would all have a strong confidence
      in American companies.

      I am very pleased with the product and have promoted it to everyone who asks about it.

      Again thank you for this wonderful product and standing behind what you sell.

    • Softopper Review by Mark M

      Hey Softopper

      Here's a pic of my 2004 F350 all geared up for a trip from Texas to Alaska last Summer. I'm probably harder on my truck than most of your customers and have had zero issues with your top. My three children (12,11 and 6) flip it open to access our camping and climbing gear on their own, and we offroad regularly. This thing gets drug through all different types of trees, covered in mud, sea salt, even blasted with sand in the 'dunes and has given me a year and a half of trouble free regular beatings. Thanks again and love it!

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