Softopper FAQ
  1. Where are Softoppers manufactured?
      • Softoppers are manufactured in Boulder, Colorado. The fabric is made in the USA and the canopies are cut and sewn right in Boulder. As many materials as possible are purchased in the USA. 
  2. Will my Softopper include all the parts necessary to install it right when I get it?
      • Yes. All of our products are inclusive. There is no need to search for any other kits that you may need for your Softopper.
  3. Can I get my Softopper shipped internationally?
      • Yes, you can order internationally online or over the phone.
  4. How is the Softopper installed?
      • The Softopper is designed to be taken down quickly and set up quickly. Installing it the first time is not much different than installing the 20th time.
      • The Softopper's side rails clamp to the top of the truck's bed rails.
      • The upper structure pins to the side rails.
      • The canvas snaps, buckles, and ties to the frame.
      • The front panel is two parts.  The outer panel goes between the cab and the bed of the truck so that rain water sheds outside of the bed of the truck.
      • The inner panel Velcros to the inside of the cab rail.
      • The rear panel Velcros to the top of the tailgate.
      • Jeep and SUV tops are installed in a number of ways depending upon the vehicle.
      • Feel free to preview the installation process for your vehicle Here.
  5. Is the Softopper waterproof?
      • Yes. It is designed so that any water that falls on the Softopper will shed to the outside of the truck.
      • The material that is used is a coated automotive convertible fabric and it is completely waterproof. 
      • As with any sewn top there is a chance of thread-wicking at the seams. Softopper supplies a bottle of seam sealer with every top so you can treat any trouble spots from wicking at the seam.
  6. Does the Softopper flap in the wind?  Is the Softopper loud?
      • The Softopper is designed to hold the canvas tight. If it is allowed to flap in the wind, then it will shred itself. So it is a design requirement that it not flap in the wind.
  7. How do I measure the length of my truck bed correctly to ensure I order the right top?
      • Measure, in inches, from the the inside of the front of the truck bed to the inside of the tailgate.
  8. Can the Softopper handle high winds?  Can you drive the Softopper on the highway?
      • Yes, the Softopper can handle the same winds and driving speeds as a hard top.
  9. Can the Softopper handle snow loads?
      • Yes, the Softopper is designed to handle snow loads.
  10. Is the Softopper durable?  How long will it last?
      • The fabric is a premier, automotive convertible fabric, which consists of a woven fabric with a UV stabilized PVC coating for water resistance. It's been proven against, wind, rain, sunlight, fading, mildew and rot, and will remain beautiful for years. It is also the chosen fabric for convertibles used by many major OEM convertible manufacturers such as Jeep, Ford and Chrysler.
      • The framework is made of aluminum. It will not rust.
      • All parts of the Softopper are individually replaceable, so your top can last as long as the vehicle.
  11. What is the Softopper Warranty?
      • The Softopper has a one year warranty.
  12. What if I do not like the Softopper?
      • Softopper will refund you the full purchase price of the top. 
      • You will be required to pay the cost of shipping and handling both ways.
  13. What colors are available?
      • The Softopper is available in Black, Tan, or Charcoal Grey.
      • Some colors are being added to each model, and white is being discontinued.
      • We recommend a color contrast rather than trying to match the color. If you have a tan/beige truck, then go with a black or grey top. If you have a grey truck, then go with the black or tan top.
  14. Can the Softopper be made to a custom size?
      • No, Softopper does not make individual custom tops.
  15. Does the Softopper have mesh / screen windows available?
      • Yes, the option is available while ordering your top online or over the phone.
  16. How do you protect the Softopper canvas when it is folded down?
      • The Softopper has a storage boot option.
      • The storage boot wraps the Softopper and keep it protected from the elements and clean so dirt does not fall into the truck bed when the top is raised up again. 
  17. Can you drive with the sides rolled up?
      • Yes, you can drive at highway speeds with the side panels and rear panel rolled up.
      • If you roll up the side panels, you must roll up the rear panel; otherwise, it will act like a parachute.
  18. Can the Softopper carry a load on top?
      • No, the Softopper has a framework that it designed to fold down. A load above the cab height will catch the wind, and fold the top down.
  19. What makes the frame of the truck soft top?
      • The folding frames and bedrails are made with marine grade aluminum for its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. 
      • Everything on the frame is either aluminum or stainless steel so there is nothing that will ever rust and it is extremely lightweight. 
      • All of the nylon fittings and fasteners are also used in the marine industry because of their ability to withstand harsh conditions.
  20. How much does a Softopper weigh?
      • Between 34 - 49 lbs., depending on the model.
  21. Do Softoppers have side windows?
      • The Jeep and SUV models have side windows.  
      • Truck tops do not have side windows due to window damage while folding up the canvas.
  22. Do I have to drill holes in my vehicle?
      • Generally not. 
      • In some cases if you have a plastic or spray-on bed liner, then you may have to drill (3) small 1/8 holes at the front of the bed to install snaps to attach the front window flap. If you have no liner and just the bare metal bed then you would use the supplied Velcro in place of the snaps.  
      • Some SUVs require drilling into the vehicle.  
      • See our installation instructions page for more information about your vehicle.
  23. Can I install a Softopper on a truck that has an over the rail bed liner?
      • Yes, you can. In the case of one piece drop-in over the bedrail liners you will have to cut holes in the side of the liner to allow the clamps to get in under the top edges of the bed to hold the Softopper bedrails on. We recommend using a 2/14 inch hole saw.
  24. Can I install a Softopper on a truck that has an over the rail toolbox?
      • The Softopper bedrails need to sit flat on the top of the truck's bedrail. Tool boxes that hang up and over each side of the bed will have to be removed. Tool boxes that sit down on the floor of the bed and have at least 2 inches of space between the edge of the bed and the tool box are usually fine.
  25. How long does it take to install a Softopper?
      • Most people seem to take about 45 - 60 minutes to do the initial install. It's not difficult at all and usually only requires a wrench or socket to tighten the clamps.
  26. How long does it take to re-install the Softopper to my truck?
      • If you leave the frame together and canopy on the frame, it takes about 2 min to put it back on the truck.
  27. Does the fabric shrink or stretch?
      • When you initially get your Softopper camper shell and install it, it may be quite tight. It will stretch out over the first few days and find its happy place. After that it shouldn't stretch anymore. In cold weather you may notice it's a little tighter to put on, but not a problem.
  28. Can you put a canoe or kayak on top of the Softopper?
      • No, the Softopper frame is not designed to have any object put directly on it. Please ask about our optional rack for that purpose.
  29. What if I break the frame or damage the cover?
      • Replacement parts are available and repairs can be completed.
      • Shop for replacement parts on our website, or call/email with specific repair questions.